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Since 2005, I started working developing, designing and building residential projects in Albuquerque NM.  With an architecture background and a Residential builders license in South Carolina I can help you making your vision a reality.  Contact me today to find out how I can help you get the results you want.


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Modhab is a firm located in Hanahan, SC. It was created in 2005 in Albuquerque with the vision of Alejandro Gonzalez who believed in an approach of developing projects with an in-house design and construction team making the projects successful by having one constant decision making person.

Alejandro started working with developers in Arizona and New Mexico only a year and a half after he graduated high school. After several years he decided to pursue his passion and started studying Architecture at The University of New Mexico graduating in 2012. During his time at school, he continued working developing properties in downtown Albuquerque with Modhab. In 2014 him and his wife moved to Charleston SC where he worked at two local architecture firms. His active personality took him back to construction and his passion for design is always part of everything he does. He is currently pursuing his Ms in Architecture at the University of Southern Illinois.


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Through our interdisciplinary collaboration we transform ideas and visions into reality.

We achieve quality in our projects by managing pojects / development from envisioning, analysis, acquisition, design, construction to sale.

We design in collaboration with our sister company YZ STUDIO, a comprehensive, turn-key, multi-disciplinary design studio. The studio specializes in built environment envisioning and design solutions.










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As a busy Design Build Contractor I help individuals across Charleston area to bring their ideas to life. Take a look at some of my recent projects,  and get in touch for more information.

Downtown Porch

Services: Build

This small porch addition added a nice gathering space to the house as well as it provided protection from the sun. The materials followed the existing house for a seamless transition between the old and new


Hanahan Food Truck Park

March 2020

We believe in the community where we live in and work. As designers and developers we want to be able to help out our town to become a more radiant community, an a place where people want to live, work and enjoy.
Sometimes all that is needed to start is a small project that will become a catalyst for future improvements.
After some conversation with city of Hanahan about how to improve the main street, the first project became to life!. The food truck park reuses a piece of property owned by the city with no previous use and brings great food options to local residents and a place to interact and meet neighbors.
We are very excited to be part of this and to continue bringing ideas and projects that will help improve our community.

Main Bathroom Renovation

Services: Design + Build

The design of the bathroom included partial renovation of the bedroom to be able to extend it and to improve the circulation inside. The new walls became an accent piece to the room and the design reused the wall paper with decorative frame pieces that connected everything together. The design and construction in this project included selection of fixtures, material and closet design and construction.

study 1.PNG

Study and Library

Services: Design + Build

In process...

Gateway Structures

Services: Design

Design work and construction documentation of main gateway structures for a local neighborhood
Credit: Project done with RD architects


Pool House Updates

Services: Design

Pool house at the Ocean Club, Wild Dunes.
Credit: Project done with RD architects

1100 12th St Addition

Services: Development + Design + Build

The 1104 Residence was bought and completely remodel by Modhab in 2010. The old house was lighted up by opening the main area for an open floor concept that made the space more functional. The house had a larger lot and it allowed for an attached addition that became a separate unit. This allowed new owners to have a rental space or an in-law suite. 

1108 12th St Renovation

Services: Development + Design + Build

This house was completely remodel to create a new, more efficient circulation. After completion, this project was feature in the local newspaper and was sold within days of listing. This project was one of the first remodels on that street. After that year that street experience a whole new lift attracting more people to the area.

Movable Work Office

Services: Design + Build

This project started with the idea of creating a work space on site during the construction of long term developments. The final design was a simple office space that had the ability to connect and disconnect to utilities at any point. It was built off the ground for an easy move once the office needed to be relocated.


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